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52F - 10 Reasons to Stay Fit Video YOUR LOGO

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We call this the “10 Reasons Video” because it outlines several benefits of a credible weight-management program… that go beyond just weight management! Listen, most clients have no idea that all these good things are going to happen when they start to increase their metabolisms through proper nutrition and productive exercise.

So, this video is a great way to TELL THEM..!

This video is available to you for a very limited time for just $97 (with YOUR LOGO and PROGRAM NAME) until Monday, July 7th. After that, the price goes to $199.

If you’re an internet marketer... or using the web to help market your fitness business, you know how far a “content” video can go. Just think of the word “viral” and you get the idea. You can post YOUR VIDEO with YOUR LOGO all over the internet including your website, blog, store, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Plus, with the right keywords, this video will boost your rankings. You can even attach it to your email!