52B - The Truth About Weight-Management
52B - The Truth About Weight-Management

52B - The Truth About Weight-Management

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Finally, The Truth About Weight-Management

Just imagine the above video on YOUR WEBSITE. With YOUR LOGO. Think of how many “hits” and new leads you’ll get after you upload it to all your social media accounts and even attach it to your email. This is real content. The type of information your potential new clients and members will appreciate.

By now, you know the POWER of VIDEO. It’s the most influential marketing medium available. And, by virtue of the internet, it projects your message into the homes, offices and almost everywhere your prospective clients and members go. Video even penetrates digital devices – making it more powerful than ever.

It’s All About Conversion

Listen, today’s smart fitness marketers know that most people would rather click their mouse, sit back and watch a presentation. And, if the presentation is good. If it is credible. If it provides value…. your audience will take action. It’s that simple. This is called “CONVERSION” – where you convert a “viewer” into a “purchaser.” This is exactly what this video will do for your weight-management, training and other fitness programs… including bootcamps!

Talk about “bang-for-the-buck!”

From content and scripting to professional voice-over and final production…. if you were to produce this video yourself, it would cost more than $3,000. Just think of how much you spend on your other marketing projects. And typically, they are just “one-shot” tactics with a time-sensitive date. This video lasts FOREVER… and EVER!

Think about this…. your own branded video could possibly be the best marketing investment you ever make. Get this branded, done-for-you video for just $599. It’s all Done-for-You…

This 5-minute “done-for-you” branded video production will not only educate your existing and potential clients / members… BUT.. will demonstrate your professionalism, commitment and credibility…. (especially on the topic of weight-management).

Your Video Will Do the Selling for You..

And talk about a sales machine. Honestly…. if you’re marketing any type of weight-management program or curriculum, this is THE TOOL. PERIOD! Your video, in just 5 minutes, puts into words and pictures what typically takes over an hour to explain. Just let them watch it….

Video “Outreach” Marketing

If you’re an internet marketer... or using the web to help market your fitness business, you know how far a “content” video can go. Just think of the word “viral” and you get the idea. You can post YOUR VIDEO with YOUR LOGO all over the internet including your website, blog, store, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. Plus, with the right keywords, this video will boost your rankings. You can even attach it to your email!

O.K., O.K., …. I could ramble on forever about the benefits of your own BRANDED VIDEO… but at the end of the day it’s probably cut and dry. You either want it or you really have no use for it. So, let’s get down to the details…..