25 - Muscle Energy | Generic
25 - Muscle Energy | Generic

25 - Muscle Energy | Generic

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  • - 30 Tablets | 100 mgs.
  • - Super Power Boost during HIT programs
  • - Maintenance of overall metabolic energy

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is produced by every mitochondria cell within the human body.   It is directly or indirectly responsible for 95% of the biological activity in the body, including muscle contractions, circulation, and building new tissue.

ATP is formed from a long chain of metabolic events in which a variety of substrates are transferred from the foods you eat.

However, this supplemental, proprietary sublingual (under the tongue) formulation allows for direct absorption of ATP through the mucosa of the mouth and throat, absorbed directly into the bloodstream and avoiding the stomach.

Not all experts fully agree on the nature and effectiveness of sublingual ATP in its relation to athletic performance.  

And, to compound the issue, not all people experience the same level or rate of uptake when using this formulation.  The formulation is NOT the variable.  But, rather, the person using the formulation is the variable.

As a result, for some fitness enthusiasts and athletes, this formulation is amazingly effective.  And, for others, it is not. 

There is some anecdotal evidence of ATP Muscle Energy effectiveness that can be substantiated by the work of Dr. Irshad Chaudry. He demonstrated there is evidence that ATP can cross the cell membrane and suggests that the release and uptake of ATP or its substrates are part of the physiological process of energy metabolism.

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