24D - Metabolic Optimizer | Private-Label- STEVIA
24D - Metabolic Optimizer | Private-Label- STEVIA

24D - Metabolic Optimizer | Private-Label- STEVIA

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Metabolic Optimizer - New Formulation - Sweetened with STEVIA

Metabolic Optimizer is an ultra high-performance sports athletic drink. This patented formula is one of the most precisely engineered nutritional delivery systems ever created.

Here’s what’s most important.

How Metabolic Optimizer Helps Fat-Loss

If you’re operating a credible weight-management service (one that includes proper nutrition, exercise and professional guidance), you know by now that it’s often difficult for your clients to consume enough high-quality, low-fat calories. This is where Metabolic Optimizer is so helpful.

If a client is not able to get enough calories in to support his or her lean mass, he or she can enhance their menu with a great tasting drink.

How Metabolic Optimizer Helps Build Muscle

If your clients are on a muscle-building or sports conditioning regimen, they absolutely must consume enough calories to recover and rebuild to achieve their goals. They could even consider three drinks a day as a supplement to their specific menu plans.

Tastes Great:

Best of all, Metabolic Optimizer mixes easily and tastes terrific — not gritty or chalky-tasting. Metabolic Optimizer is a perfect balance of branched chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine) high-energy carbohydrates, medium chain triglycerides, a super-high potency vitamin core, Pyridoxine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, special mineral complexes,electrolytes and antioxidants.

Each Serving:
 Each serving (33.75 grams) provides a concentrated eight (8) grams of the highest quality peptide bonded amino acids available and 20 grams of carbohydrate. These essential and non-essential amino acids are derived from milk protein sources including whey solids, calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, lactalbumin and egg albumin, some of nature’s highest protein efficiency ration (P.E.R.) sources.