22A - Super L- Carnitine | Private-Label | YOUR LOGO
22A - Super L- Carnitine | Private-Label | YOUR LOGO

22A - Super L- Carnitine | Private-Label | YOUR LOGO

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Super L-Carnitine

Super L-Carnitine is essential for fat burning. I.B. Fritz and K.T.N. Yue, physiologists from the University of Michigan, discovered that Carnitine actually accelerates fat-burning 1. Without it, fat is unable to penetrate the walls of the mitochondria of the muscle cells.

Carnitine is the shuttle that carries fat into your body’s furnaces (muscles) to be burned for energy. Super L-Carnitine increases the rate of fat utilization for fuel. L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like nutrient related to the vitamin-B family. It is a physiological substance essential for energy production. This process takes place in the mitochondria inside the cell.

L-Carnitine is actually responsible for the transportation of fatty acids into the cell. The primary function of Carnitine is to facilitate the transport of fatty acids from the cell’s cytoplasm across the mitochondria membrane to the interior of the mitochondria where oxidation occurs. (Fat-burning process.) Without carnitine as a carrier, the fatty acids are unable to penetrate the membrane of the mitochondria. This will result in a decreased rate of fat utilization and energy.

L-Carnitine also helps to remove by-products of fatty acid metabolism and other toxic compounds from within the cells. Suggested use: Take one (1) tablespoon for every 45 kg (100 lbs.) of body weight. Total dosage to be split before and after each exercise session.

Use Super L- Carnitine in conjunction with Lipotropic Plus. Analogy Imagine your blood stream is a river. Your body-fat cells are little people in boats floating down the river to reach their final destination: The Muscle Hotel, (muscle tissue-where fat will be burned as fuel for energy). But, when they arrive, they find the door too heavy to open. Super L-Carnitine is the doorman to the Muscle Hotel. It allows your body-fat to more easily enter (permeate) your muscle tissue to be burned as fuel energy.