11 - Daily Multi-Vitamin | Generic
11 - Daily Multi-Vitamin | Generic

11 - Daily Multi-Vitamin | Generic

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  • - Built-in Digestive Enzymes
  • - Non-Varnish Food Glaze Coating
  • - Multi-Dose Formulation for Athletes / Active Lifestyle
  • - 150 Tablets
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Daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula:

These are not the ordinary run-of-the-mill daily multi-vitamins found in most retail stores. This particular Daily Multi-Vitamin/Mineral is one of the most complete and sophisticated formulas available -- anywhere. Each tablet supplies vitamins and minerals in biologically active forms and in proper proportions to act synergistically with your clients and members healthy menu plans.

Why Take a Multi-Vitamin?

As a physically active person increases metabolism he/she will tend to eat higher quality foods. Digestive enzymes help break down and more fully utilize these foods. Therefore, digestive enzymes were a major consideration in the formulation of this Daily Vitamin & Mineral Formula.

The Daily Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Formula includes Pancreatine 5X consisting of Amylase, Protease and Lipase. This type of enzyme is often expressed in NF units (National Formulary).
  • Amylase aids in the digestion of carbohydrate.
  • Protease helps with the digestion of protein.
  • Lipase aids in the digestion of fat.

The conversion rates are remarkable. A daily dosage of the Daily Vitamin & mineral Formula has the equivalent capacity to digest:

  • Amylase: 21 slices of bread
  • Protease: 6.5 oz. steak
  • Lipase: 2.0 oz. of olive oil

These enzymes adapt to their environment. For example, if you eat only two slices of bread, then, after digesting the two slices, the remaining enzyme is broken down as a protein. This is what's known as being amphoteric.   Enzymes also are expensive. They account for more than 35% of manufacturing costs.