01 - Transformation Journal --  8-Week | Generic
01 - Transformation Journal -- 8-Week | Generic

01 - Transformation Journal -- 8-Week | Generic

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Each Transformation Journal includes:

  • PAR-Q
  • Major Coronary Risk Factors
  • Assessment / Medical Questionnaire
  • Client Profile / Follow-up Notes
  • Progress Questionnaire
  • Weekly Follow-up / Appt. Schedule
  • My Pledge
  • Facts About Weight-Management
  • Aerobic Activity / Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Warm-Up & Cool Down
  • Muscle / Skeletal Charts
  • Grocery Check List
  • Food Xchange List
  • Physician Release Form
  • Before & After Photo Frames

Why The Transformation Journal...

Today’s elite trainers, clubs and medical professionals educate and empower their clients toward health, fitness and lifestyle success with the Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal!

PLUS…. it’s an instant profit generator for…

  • Value-Added Memberships
  • Personal Training / Weight Management Packages
  • Fitness Contests and Promotions
  • Pro Shop Sales

The 8-Week and 12-Week Daily Journal allows a user to track his or her nutrition intake and exercise program in the same journal.  

It also provides educational information with charts, graphs and food exchanges.

How Will You Use Your Daily Journals?

Here are eight different ways fitness professionals and clubs use the daily journals to their advantage…

Personal Training

As the Fitness Industry’s #1 tracking log the Transformation Journal is used by thousands of certified and licensed health professionals to help clients and members successfully reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Beyond the pages of information and motivation, the Transformation Journal helps motivate exercise and nutritional adherence.

The bottom line is “results.” And, ultimately, clients and members who achieve results are walking, talking billboards who project an image and spread positive word-of-mouth about your club or business and your expertise.


Value-Added Membership

A Transformation Journal is a wonderful way to say “Thank You” to a new member.

While competitors provide nothing more than a contract, your new members are handed a viable, tangible gift that demonstrates a sincere interest in helping him or her achieve their purpose in joining.

It’s often the very first thing they show their friends and family.

Sales Presentation

First impressions are formed almost immediately – based on visual cues.

Just imagine the impression you create when you show a prospective member a branded Daily Journal as well a Reference Manual and Cook Book.

This simple action speaks volumes about your professionalism, integrity and sincerity during a sales presentation.


Ask the real experts about weight-management and they’ll tell you it’s the 3 P’s. Proper Nutrition, Productive Exercise and Positive Motivation.

With the Transformation Journal, each member can efficiently track his or her nutrition and exercise protocols.

This leaves you with just the right amount of time to provide the motivation!

Fitness Contests

There’s nothing more effective at managing and/or participating in a fitness contest than the Daily Journal. It is the “Total” incentive tool. It helps participants stay on track and gauge their progress.

It’s also the best way for contest managers to keep track of participant measurements, make adjustments in exercise and monitor caloric intake. It may even help to determine winners!

Pro Shop Sales

The Transformation Journal is a hot-seller in fitness pro shops throughout the country. And, with your brand on the covers, all three are exclusive to your facility.

Clubs with a café or juice bar often serve several of the recipes. Now that’s smart marketing.

Branded Fitness Marketing

These proprietary, branded fitness publications are a fantastic example of branded fitness marketing. Most of these publications go home, and into the community (your market area) with your client or member.

Today’s smart fitness marketers understand the importance of Branded Fitness Marketing. Private Label Fitness is for career fitness professionals interested branded fitness marketing, branded fitness products and branded fitness, in general. Almost all of our products are available for private label including branded journals, branded reference manuals, branded cookbooks, branded supplements, branded apparel, branded fitness technology products and branded fitness products, in general.